Six Strokes Under ★★½ by Roberta Isleib

My husband is a golfer so I thought why not try a cozy mystery set on the golf course.

Cassie Burdette has decided to take her one shot at making the LPGA tour and heads to Qualifying school but before leaving she unfortunately discovers a dying psychologist in the office next to her psychiatrist. Not exactly a calming event to send her off chasing her dreams and when the police force her to keep in touch through a redneck deputy masquerading as the town sheriff, Cassie's nerves are getting a workout.

The story had its moment but the characters need some personality adjustments - Cassie seems to be an alcoholic whiner and she's supposed to be the good guy.  No wonder her arch enemy/later victim is a pain in the a**.  I may check out the second in the series to see if there is any improvement, but if there isn't, in the golf world, this series won't make the cut.

Series/ Progress: Golf Lover's Mysteries 1/5
DATE READ: January 27 - February 8
Type of Book e-book
SOURCE: Audio Stockpile

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