Our Souls at Night ★★★★ by Kent Haruf

What a quiet gentle book.

Addie was a widow and Louis a widower.  When Addie comes to his house to ask him to spend the night, Louis and this reader are a bit startled by the bluntness of the request.  But as Addie explains how her loneliness  affects her especially at night, this reader totally understood where she was coming from and why just having that warm body and voice in the dark was a comfort.

As the story progressed we see the friendship deepen to where they are sharing more than just a bed and feel the heartbreak as the situation is taken out of their control by outsiders.

I had never read anything by Kent Haruf before and heard that this book was his last.  If all his books are as beautifully written, the literary world has lost a star IMHO.

I will be looking for his earlier books.

DATE READ: February 7 - February 7
Type of Book audiobook
SOURCE: Audio Stockpile

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