Killer Green Tomatoes by Lynn Cahoon

Angie Turner is finally ready to open her new hometown restaurant the County Seat, but she is till trying to find a few more suppliers for her all natural recipes so when her sous chef recommends his cousin's farm, she's willing to give it a try.  The cousin, Javier, is somewhat of a ladies man, so when his current girlfriend is found murdered, he is the natural suspect. 

Angie has a strong sense of family that drives her to assist trying to clear Javier of suspicion, but when he disappears the investigation gets trickier.  I love the way that the food images and descriptions are easily woven into thew story as well as well-hidden clues.


Murder with Cinnamon Scones by Karen Rose Smith

This second installment of the Daisy Tea Garden Mysteries was just as good as the first.  Daisy and other shopkeepers in Willow Creek are hosting Quilt Lover's Week but Reese Masemer will be missing out on all the fun - He's found murdered by the covered bridge and Daisy's best friend Tessa (Reese's girlfriend) is the prime suspect.

The story moves along so well with insights into running the business, blossoming romance and delectable sounding treats all intermix with the clues for this fun whodunnit.  I only wish I could find Willow Creek on a real map so I could visit the Tea Garden.


Murder on the Green by H. V. Coombs

Described as Midsomer Murders meets The Great British Bake Off - it fell a bit short on both but was still entertaining in the mystery category. In my opinion it had a few too many characters and didn't really stand alone as a mystery alluding to activities and character connections from a previous book. I think I would have enjoyed it more had I read the first book in this series.


Scone Cold Killer by Lena Gregory

Gia Morelli has fled New York City and her scambag ex-husband (awaiting sentencing for investment fraud) and takes refuge in a small Florida town with her best friend.  Opening up her own Breakfast cafe, the first day wasn't perfect (she didn't have grits and the newly hired cook was worthless) but it gets worse when she discovers her ex  dead in her own dumpster.

Apparently, some people were not happy with him and now they're after Gia believing that she has something they want.

I loved the setting, characters and the special little somethings that were added.  This was a great first book in a new series.


I SEE RUDE PEOPLE: One woman's battle to beat some manners into impolite society by Amy Alkon

I was extremely disappointed by this book.  I thought that there would be some really constructive ideas of how to handle rudeness, especially Cell phone users, parents who let their children run wild and even telemarketers.  Her actions as identified in this book are just as rude as those people that she is complaining about.  Maybe she should take a look at herself.


Vespers Rising by Rick Riordan

I was excited when I realized that the 39 Clues continued in a new series with the Cahills vs. the Vespers.  However, I realize now that this first book is just a bridge between the old series and the new series - giving background of how the Cahill branches separated and what they're fighting for now.

Good bridge, not great book.


Island of the Mad by Laurie R. King

Mary Russell is asked by her university friend to try to find an aunt that has gone missing after visiting the family estate while on leave from Bedlam.  Yes, Bedlam - the asylum for the insane.  Mary manages to infiltrate the establishment and deduces that Aunt Vivian, apparently sane all along, has now opted to escape her prison to live a reclusive existence elsewhere - presumably Venice. Planning her travels, Holmes is reluctant to accompany her until Mycroft persuades him to look into the "Fascist" situation while in Italy.  Their efforts to uncover the truth had some interesting links to historical figures, I'm not sure they were true or not.

I have adored the Mary Russell series since it first was published in 1994 and have faithfully awaited each new installment of the adventures of Mary Russell with the mature Sherlock Holmes.  However, this one fell a bit flat for me.  It seem to lack the tension that all the other stories have elicited when danger seem to be in the offing.  It seemed a bit too predictable.  The situations and characters seemed a bit stale this time.


Shadow Dancing by Julie Mulhern

Ellison has stopped finding bodies, now Frances has started.  Frances urgently calls Ellison because she has found an urn with ashes in the back of her hall closet and doesn't know what to do. If helping her mother discover who the ashes are isn't enough, Ellison embroils herself into a dangerous situation when she hits a young girl in the street and then she is later found murdered.  Detective Anarchy Jones sees Ellison in danger because of the young girl's profession(a prostitute) and Ellison's efforts to help another young girl in the same situation.

I look forward to everyone of the Country Club Murders because of the spectacular writing, the full-blooded characters, and the humor that is woven so skillfully throughout.   Sad that I now have to wait for the next one. But they are well worth the wait!  A great #50 for the year and best so far for me in 2018!


Bleeding Tarts by Kirsten Weiss

The second Installment from Pietown goes along pretty well with a nice cozy mystery but the main characters seem to me a bit stagnant.  Charlene is a bit too loopy - carrying a cat around her neck, always a bit alien/fairy/ghost excessive.  Not sure that I can take much more of that.  It definitely IMO needs to be toned down. Charlene's antics really detract from the mystery.  Maybe a different sidekick? Petronella maybe?
I like the premise and other characters, but Charlene I can do without.