Drape Expectations by Karen Rose Smith

4th  Caprice De Luca Mystery

Caprice is back at it, supporting her family and friends.  This time her friend Ace discovered his fiancée dead so Caprice adopts her cat as well as working to clear Ace of any suspicion in the murder.  At the same time, Caprice has to deal with issues in her own life - basically decide which man she wants to be with - Seth or Grant.


A Story to Kill by Lynn Cahoon

1st Cat Latimer Mystery

I love the books by this author and when a new series appeared on the horizon via NetGalley, I had to grab it!  The central character Cat Latimer received an old house as an inheritance from her ex-husband and she's decided to turn it into a B&B, hosting writers' retreat one week a month while she writes the rest of the time. The first guests start things off with the top writer in attendance failing to appear because he's murdered.  Cat feels that to make sure that her new venture doesn't die also, she needs to find the murderer before the rest of the attendees leave town.  I like the premise and look forward to getting to know these characters better.


June: a novel by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

NetGalley Advanced Reader's Copy

The beginning of this book almost put me off but I persevered and it was well worth it.  The story told in this novel is about a young woman who during the 1920's was torn between an arranged marriage and an unexpected encounter with a film star which turned into the love of their lives but with repercussions. The truth of the story is revealed through research of a granddaughter nearly 100 years later.  I liked it.


Gilt by Association by Karen Rose Smith

3rd Caprice De Luca Mystery

This series centers around Caprice DeLuca and her relationships with her family so when a good friend of her mother is found murdered, Caprice works to determine who did it while supporting her sisters in their life adjustments (new baby, expanding business) and training her puppy and animal rescues.  This s a fun series with great characters.


The Way of the Wicked by Ellery Adams


#2 Hope Street Church Mysteries
This series centers around a Bible group and in this story they are volunteering at company that does a sort of Meal on Wheels for the elderly.  When one of the food recipients dies and it seems that there is a pattern developing the Bible group decides that they will try to find out if these deaths are natural or not.
Love this series because of the positive attitude of the characters and their   efforts to help others.


Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

First in Tearling Series

I read this book for Book Club and was very pleasantly surprised.  It was kind of a cross between Snow White and Harry Potter but it was fun, well-written, and definitely has me looking for the second in the series.  It was full of magic and the setting no only startled me but my group as well.
Not just for kids!