Twenty-one Days: A Daniel Pitt Novel by Anne Perry

A new series starring the son of Thomas and Charlotte Pitt gets off to a great start. Daniel, a young lawyer, manages to find a way to convince the jury that his client is innocent of murder.  He is then immediately ordered to assist another lawyer in his firm with a high profile case.  When they are unable to  come out with a favorable verdict, they must somehow find the real murderer or find reason for an appeal in 21 days before their client is hanged.

I found it quite fascinating that in this time era that there was so little time for appeal. Definitely a great start for a new series!


The Shadow of Death: A Sister Agatha and Father Selwyn Mystery by Jane Willan

Sister Agatha of Gwenafwy Abbey has been working on writing a murder mystery so when the sexton is found dead in the aging room of the  cheese making facility, she believes it was murder while the sheriff says it was an accident.  Determined to show that she is right, Sister Agatha enlists Father Selwyn to help her investigate the death and all the mysterious goings on surrounding the local cheese contest.

So of the mystery was a bit predictable but there were several red herrings that were creative and entertaining. Characters were well written but left room for growth.

An Interesting start for a new series.


Plum Tea Crazy by Laura Childs

Theodosia Browning, owner of the Indigo Tea shop in Charleston, never fails to amuse and entertain me through her  "investigations" that she is "forced" to undertake.  Her friend and business associate, master Tea blender Drayton, is with her when they witness a Heritage Society board member fall from the Timothy Neville's widow's walk and be impaled on a wrought iron fence.  Timothy asks Theo for her assistance in determining suspects when it is discovered that the victim didn't just fall but was shot with an arrow.

The mystery winds n and out and is interspersed with events at the Tea shop and other social events for Theo but somehow she manages to get her questioning done and aggravates the killer enough to get others in the line of fire.

One of my favorite series,  I was so thrilled to receive a copy from the author for review.  Now to just learn patience while I wait for the next one!!!


Diamond Girl (A Country Club Murder Short) by Julie Mulhern

I love this series and as soon as I can get my hands on the next in the series, I'm on it.  This short story was no exception. Taking Aggie, a major supporting character in all the previous full novels and giving the readers not just some background on her but also putting her front and center while Ellison played the supporting role was brilliant!  The story was very well crafted while maintaining the characters' integrity.  I laughed as usual at the humorous aspects - especially Aggie's makeover.  I wonder what Frances will say in the future!

Lost Books and Old Bones by Paige Shelton

Delaney is settling in to her new life in Scotland and after an evening out with some girl friends, she is startled to learn that one of the girls has been found murdered outside of the bookshop where she works.  Her friends are all medical students and Delaney gets to wondering if a special set of books that her boss has acquired may be behind the murder.  Since it's her job to verify the value of the books, she is drawn into the investigation of the murder. 

The background of the history of Burke and Hare, murderers from the past who killed to provide corpses for the medical college and its incorporation into the story was magnificent. Again I was drawn to the regular characters and their closeness to each other and their desire to protect each other.