Angel's Advocate by Mary Stanton

Bree Winthrop-Beaufort is a lawyer but her usual clients are not among the living so when her aunt asks her to help her friends daughter, Lindsey, she feels compelled to do so.  Lindsey is accused of a drive by snatch and grab of an 8 yr. old Girl Scout's cookie money which has the neighborhood up in arms.  When Bree goes to meet with Lindsey and her mother, she is accosted by another client - the spirit of Lindsey's father who is seeking a retrial in the Celestial Courts.

I'm not usually the paranormal mystery type but this series is my exception.  I love the characters and the way the author weaves the supernatural and the natural together.


GENRE: Cozy Mystery
CHARACTERS: Bree Winthrop-Beaufort, Lindsey Chandler, Probert Chandler, Carrie-Alice Chandler, Sam Hunter
Series/ Progress: Beaufort & Company 2/5
DATE READ: September 17 - September 20
Challenges: 75, Category, TIOLI , ALPHAKIT, 


Percy Jackson's Greek Gods by Rick Riordan

This was a wonderful group of short tales regarding each of the 12 main Olympian Gods and how they came to rule Mount Olympus.  We hear how the main 3 (Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades) defeated the Titans, and how the areas - sky, seas, and underworld were divided up.

There were also stories of the twins of Apollo and Artemis and how Athena was born from Zeus' head, Aphrodite's marriage to Hephaestus, Hera's jealous reactions, and how Hermes acquired is miraculous shoes.

Great background for the Olympian series.


GENRE: Young Adult
CHARACTERS: Percy Jackson, Zeus, Hades, Posiedon, Hera, Hephaestus, Athena, Apollo, Aphrodite, Ares, Artemis, Hermes, Dionysus
Series/ Progress: Percy Jackson and the Olympians  10/10
DATE READ: September 15 - September 18
Challenges: 75, Category, TIOLI , ALPHAKIT, 
SOURCE: Public Library


Murder at Redwood Cove by Janet Finsilver

Kelly Jackson has been working as an assistant to the owner of a hotel chain and now has been presented the opportunity to show what she can do when she is assigned to replace a resort manager who recently died.  Little does she know what she's getting her herself into when she arrives at the peaceful Inn at Redwood Cove and finds that the GM may have been murdered.

There are a group senior citizens who call themselves the Silver Sentinels who are determined to prove that the former manager did not die accidently and they enlist Kelly's assistance and then come to her aid when mysterious events continue to happen.

I loved the setting, the characters and the mystery- great start for a new series!


GENRE: Cozy Mystery
CHARACTERS: Kelly Jackson, Daniel Stevens, Helen Rogers, Tommy Rogers, Suzie Ward
Series/ Progress: Redwood Cove  1/1
DATE READ: September 16 - September 17
Challenges: 75, Category, TIOLI , ALPHAKIT, 
SOURCE: NetGalley


For Your Love by Beverly Jenkins

I love this series!  No matter what nasty things happen to the residents of Henry Adams, KS they are still loving and supportive to each other, helping when others have hard times and the head do-gooder is Ms. Bernadine Brown.  But don't think that Ms. Brown is a push over, no siree.

Bernadine Brown may have millions and has worked tirelessly to help the residents in the town she bought but she makes them earn every blessing by working together.

This time we see a young couple who are friends of Bernadine's adopted daughter who because of a disadvantaged upbringing are battling to stay afloat with their young offspring.  They come to town at the invitation of the friend and find not only a well-paying job but a home to live in and a truck to get them around.

In the meantime, Mayor Trent July is informed that his birth mother has come to see him.  Ms. Brown has to deal with the mayor of Franklin, the next town over, who is jealous of the success and revitalization of Henry Adams and whose mean spirit has the HA residents welcoming refugees.

I look forward to the next visit to Henry Adams, Kansas.


GENRE: Fiction
Series/ Progress: Blessings 6/6
DATE READ: September 14 - September 14
Challenges: 75, Category, TIOLI , 
SOURCE: LibraryThing Early Reviewers


Allergic to Death by Peg Cochran

Gigi has started her business - Gigi's Gourmet De-lite providing diet meals for numerous residents of her new hometown.  When one of her clients dies from an allergic peanut reaction,  Gigi is forced to try to find out who put the peanut oil in the food, because she didn't.

There are some very interesting characters and some yummy sounding foods and fun circumstances that run through the tale.

looking forward to the next one!


GENRE: Cozy Mystery
CHARACTERS: Gigi Fitzgerald, Sienna Paisley, Martha Bernhardt, Detective Bill Mertz
Series/ Progress: Gourmet De-Lite Mystery 1/3
DATE READ: September 10 - September 13
Challenges: 75, Category, TIOLI , AlphaKit
SOURCE: Nook Stockpile