The Diva Digs Up the Dirt ★★★½ by Krista Davis

Sophie finally has some down time between jobs, but her plans awry when Natasha, without Sophie's knowledge or approval, decides that Sophie needs a backyard renovation and enlists a TV crew to tear up her yard and build a much needed garage.

To stay out of the way of the construction, Sophie tries  to surprise her boyfriend, Wolf, with a new rosebush in his yard to replace the one that died.  However, while digging away, she uncovers more than what she expects and causes problems that need to be addressed.

At the same time Sophie is also drawn into a problem with one of her family clients.  How it all weaves together kept this reader engaged so that I couldn't put it down.

Series/ Progress: Diva Domestic 6/10
DATE READ: January 19 - January 20
Type of Book e-book
SOURCE: Nook stockpile


The Golden Egg ★★★ by Donna Leon

A young man is found dead apparently suicide but was it all it seemed?  Paola is concerned because the man worked at the dry cleaners the Brunettis frequent but when Guido tries to found out more about him, there is nothing, really nothing - no papers, no certainty of who the man was.  As Guido delves deeper into the background of this "victim" he uncovers the sinister side of some of the wealthy families of Venice.  

Series/ Progress: Guido Brunetti 22/24
DATE READ: January 13 - January 18
Type of Book Audiobook
SOURCE: Public Library

Death Overdue★★★ by Mary Lou Kirwin

Karen has taken a trip to London to spend time with her boyfriend, Caldwell,  and see if she is ready to move permanently from her job as a librarian in Minnesota to a book shop dealer in London.  But before she can concentrate on that decision, her boyfriend's ex returns turning the situation problematic but then turns up dead. Caldwell seems to be the prime suspect, so Karen feels the need to investigate herself which tends to prove dangerous.

I liked the story and the characters but am wondering how they will progress in the future.

Series/ Progress: Librarian mysteries   2/2
DATE READ: January 16 - January 18
Type of Book ARD
SOURCE: Public Library


The Deep End★★★★½ by Julie Mulhern

My husband and I belong to a local country club and so when I saw this series, I thought What Fun!  As I read the description, I worried because it was set back in the 70's and I didn't know if I could go there after reading books that have incorporated the newest technologies - cell phones, computers, etc.

I needn't have worried.  This a magnificent mystery that doesn't require the newest technology because the characters are so well-written and the mystery so absorbing that it is never missed.

Ellison Russell goes to the Country Club pool at the crack of dawn everyday for the solitude but this morning she finds it occupied by the body of her husband's mistress.  And things don't get any better.  In trying to prove her innocence, Ellison finds herself in several amusing situations that I was forced to laugh out loud.

Loved this story and the writing so I had to go and buy the next one in the series and I will be reading it next month!  A different change of pace I highly recommend.

Series/ Progress: Country Club Murders  1/2
DATE READ: January 12 - January 17
Type of Book e-book
SOURCE: Nook 2015


Beastly Things★★★½ by Donna Leon

I have been "reading" the Guido Brunetti series for several years and never tire of hearing the Italian accent while being read Ms. Leon's books.  I think that I've heard everyone of the 21 I've read.

In this story, a man is found dead with no identification except for an unusual malady.  So first the Venice police must discover who the victim is before they can investigate why he died.

The twists and turns that are uncovered relating to the Italian food supply and how it could be manipulated, was shocking, well-written in the extreme showing that ethics have a vital place in any society.

Series/ Progress: Guido Brunetti  21/25
DATE READ: January 6 - January 12
Type of Book audiobook
SOURCE: Audio stockpile