The Earl's Betrothal ★★★½ by Karen Tuft

Amelia Clarke has taken a position as a companion to Lady Ashworth after the death of her vicar father.  She has been consoling the Ashworths while they mourn the deaths of their two sons, one from a riding accident, the other lost in the Peninsula wars.  When suddenly Anthony Hargreaves appears at his ancestral home to the surprise and delight of his parents explaining that he was injured in battle and was unable to regain his regiment thereby being declared dead.

Lord Ashworth is elated that his line will continue but insists that Anthony marry immediately.  Still suffering from the horrors of war (probable PTSD) Anthony is reluctant to engage with any suitable ladies of the Ton but finds himself comfortable with Amelia.  Circumstances get a bit out of hand and  the two are compromised so that Amelia is thrust into the position of a betrothal that she is unsure about.

A typical romance of class clashes but entertaining and well-written.

DATE READ: July 4 - July 6
Type of Book e-book
SOURCE: NetGalley


For Cheddar or Worse ★★★½ by Avery Aames

Providence is holding the annual Cheese festival and along with the usual activities there is going to be a Brain Trust at one of the farms.  Charlotte and Jordan are attending but are unfortunate in that they discover the body of a well-known cheese specialist dead the morning after she criticized just about all of the other guests.  Having faith in friends, Charlotte sets out to clear them of any connection with the murder which took place in "a locked room".

I love this series and when I heard that the publisher was not going to continue, I was very unhappy.  I sincerely hope that the author will find another publisher so that these wonderful characters can continue to live in her stories.

Series/ Progress: Cheese Shoppe Mysteries 7/7
DATE READ: June 30 - July 4
Type of Book e-book


Peter Pan ★★★ by J. M. Barrie

How wonderful it was to see for once that a book has been translated to film so beautifully!  As a child, I saw Peter Pan the animated film, the TV version as well and I was delighted to see that when I finally read the book that no one was left out and that the plot and stories were fully there.

We all as we grow older wish that we could at times return to our childhood, and in way, with Peter Pan we can.

DATE READ: June 30 - June 30
Type of Book audiobook
SOURCE: Public Library


All the Light We Cannot See ★★★ by Anthony Doerr

Pulitzer Prize Winner, check.  Audiobook, check, check.

Two things that should have pushed this book over and yet they didn't.  IMHO, the story was too ordinary, and the writing style drove me bonkers.  We were constantly been thrown back and forth in time and place so that the story seem very choppy and that was not helped by very, very short chapters (which normally I like).  I tried it on audio and then switched to a regular book, hoping that seeing the written word would help, but nada.

So many people raved about this book, I had a hard time  finishing and only did so because it was for my book club. Big disappointment.

DATE READ: June 23 - June 29
Type of Book audiobook, ARD
SOURCE: Public Library


Beautiful Pretender ★★★★ by Melanie Dickerson

Avelina has been serving as a lady's maid to Lady Dorothea, the rebellious only child of the Lord of Plimmwald.  When Lady Dorothea runs away to avoid having to present herself as a possible bride of the Margrave of Thornbeck, the lord of Plimmwald orders Avelina to take her mistress' place to preserve the peace.  She is ordered to do everything necessary to not be selected as the bride.

The story is well written and totally engaging.

DATE READ: June 24 - June 26
Type of Book e-book
SOURCE: NetGalley