The Marriage of Mary Russell ★★★★ by Laurie R. King

Challenge Book# 42

This short story fills in all those answers to the questions of how exactly Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes actually go married.  Was there romance or was it totally practical? Jewish or non-denominational?  Spur of the moment or planned? Fancy or plain?  All I'll say is it was typical Holmes and Russell.

Loved it.

Series/ Progress: Mary Russell  16/16
DATE READ: May 8 - May 8
Type of Book e-book


Killer in High Heels ★★★½ by Gemma Halliday

Maddie gets a mysterious phone call from someone claiming to be her father and before the call is disconnected she hears what she thinks is a gunshot.

Determined to finally get some answers from her mother about her runaway father, Maddie confronts her Mom who still will only say that he ran away to Las Vegas with Lola.

So Maddie enlists the help and company of her BF Dana and the receptionist at her stepfather's hair salon, Marco (typical gay man stereotype) and they head off to Las Vegas to find Larry.

What they find had me rolling in my chair laughing and crying from sheer enjoyment.  Okay, it wasn't the great American novel, but it was sheer fun!

Series/ Progress: A High Heels Mystery 2/9
DATE READ: April 23 - April 26
Type of Book e-book


Tea Cups and Carnage ★★★½ by Lynn Cahoon

South Cove is preparing for a summer weekend festival as well as welcoming a new member to their business community. Jill from Coffee,Books & More will be using their mobile facilities for the first time in town by the beach to garner the sales from the festival goers.

The festival seems to have brought some unwholesome people to town including a biker who nearly runs down Aunt Jackie.  Her injuries cause a bit of a snafu for the staffing of the coffee shop as well as the Food truck.  At the same Jill has run into a dilemma due to a missing check which has been cashed and the money is not in her account.

! An unknown visitor's murder seems to be connected to the new Businesswoman, but Jill has promised not to get involved - SURE!

I really love this series - the characters are so realistic and fun.  I'd love to get a chance to go to CB&M and I don't even drink coffee!

Series/ Progress: Tourist Trap Mystery 7/7
DATE READ: April 19 - April 22
Type of Book e-book
SOURCE: NetGalley


The Viper's Nest ★★★ by Peter Lerangis

As Amy and Dan Cahill are leaving, they are informed that the police are after them.  Realizing that Alistair is the fugitive, the kids head to Pretoria to continue their search.

Their adventure in Africa leads them to some disturbing realizations after their discovery of the clue left by Winston Churchill in the Tomas stronghold.

This is a fun series of children exploring the world with puzzles to solve.  Great descriptions of exotic locations as well as historical facts all mixed in with a treasure hunt.

Series/ Progress: 39 Clues 7/39
DATE READ: April 19 - April 21
Type of Book audiobook
SOURCE: audio stockpile


Clouds in my Coffee] ★★★★ by Julie Mulhern

Ellison Russell has been having a rough few months - finding dead bodies including her husband, she feels a bit put upon when her mother insists that she attend the fundraiser and it doesn't get better when she is nearly killed by a falling statue.
Add in unwanted houseguests (her quirky aunt and selfish sister) and Ellison has her hands full with even more near death encounters.  Detective Jones even takes up residence to protect her since apparently she has become a murderer's target.  
I absolutely love this series - the characters are so well thought out, the mysteries enthralling and the setting of the 70's takes me back to my youth. 
Series/ Progress: Country Club Murders 3/3
DATE READ: April 17 - April 18
Type of Book e-book
SOURCE: NetGalley