Doom with a View by Kate Kingsbury

The Merry Ghost Inn has its grand opening and 6 senior readers arrive.  However, everything isn't smooth sailing because one of the guests is found dead and the other members of the group are the prime suspects.  Melanie and Liza still have to have business as usual while trying to find the killer or their B&B will be filled with hold over guests with a murderer among them.

Not having read the first in this series, I was still able to get the character relationships and part of the past history.  A fun cozy!


Murderous Mistral by Cay Rademacher

I had a very difficult time with this book because of the over use of French terms as well as French words and elaborate names.
The main character was not one that I could embrace with any warmth.


Murder in Bloomsbury by D. M. Quincy

Atlas Catesby has been trying to move forward and forget his feelings for Lady Roslyn but he is drawn into another investigation when she requests his help regarding the death of her maid's brother, Gordon Davis.  His research finds numerous people, women as well as men, who were unhappy with Davis' behaviors.

Love how the characters interact as well as the portrayal of the period.


Packing for Mars by Mary Roach

I never really thought about some of the details that have to be taken into consideration for space travel.  Possibly we as a society are taken with Star Trek and Star Wars and don't really think about the early beginnings of space travel.

The details related in the book ranged from food development (soup wouldn't work, worrying about crumbs that might float into the mechanisms), sex for long trips (Mars and beyond, weightlessness for sex), recycling urine for water, bone and body reactions, and even Bowel movements and body odors.

The way that it was presented was informative and entertaining.

Very thought-provoking.


Macramé Murder by Mollie Cox Bryan

Cora has gone to the Big Island Craft Retreat on Sea Glass Island with her partners Ruby and Jane. Her boyfriend Adrian has come along as well. Adrian and Cora are walking on the beach when they come across a wedding in progress.  In the morning Cora is startled to find out that the bride was found dead on the beach and that Adrian has been taken in for questioning.  Learning that Adrian had some secrets regarding the bride, Cora sets out to prove that he is not responsible for the murder.

Crafts are woven throughout and keep the mystery fresh as well as fun.


A Vintage Murder by Michele Scott

Nikki has joined Derek on a "business" trip to Australia but while there the winery that they have come to negotiate with is having a movie shot on their land.  When the female lead is found dead, the movie crew persuades Nikki to take on the role.  Is she putting herself in danger or  investigating undercover?

Love the characters and the growth of their backgrounds.


Mayhem & Mass by Olivia Matthews

Sister Lou has asked a friend from her past to be the guest speaker for the St. Hermione of Ephesus Feast Day presentation. At dinner the evening before when they are catching up, Sister Lou gets the feeling that something wrong, so when her friend doesn't show up on time, she rushes to his hotel and finds that he has been murdered.

The police seem to be leaning toward her fellow nuns as suspects so Sister Lou decides that she needs to investigate herself.  Combining forces with her nephew and a  reporter they uncover numerous paths that lead toward an answer.

Fun characters, good writing


Of Murder and Men by Lynn Cahoon

Just as Cat Latimer's newest writer's retreat session is about to start Cat's partner Shauna finds that her fiancé is missing and is later found dead.  Cat has to keep the retreat on an even keel  help her friend through the trauma, and at the same time find out what happened.

The setting of a writer's retreat is so much fun and brings great fresh characters each time.


A Hive of Homicides by Meera Lester

Abby Mackenzie's her friend Paola renews her vows but at the reception afterward the happy couple are missing.  Going out to the parking lot, Abby finds Paola in critical condition and her husband dead.

Abby retired from the police force but feels the need to find out what happened and who harmed her friend who is physically fighting for her life.  Trying to keep her friend safe while investigating all the possibilities of who killed the groom, may have Abby is trouble herself.

Love the characters and the setting.


Death Distilled by Melinda Mullet

 Abi Logan returns with her wheaten terrier, Liam, to Abbey Glen, the whisky distillery she inherited.  Rory Hendricks, a childhood crush, has moved to the village and enlists Abi to photograph his return to the rock stage and possibly figure out who has been killing off his former bandmates.

Love the story and the characters that are developing.  Hope that some of Abi's photo-journalistic adventures are incorporated in the future.


Single Malt Murder by Melinda Mullet

Abi Logan, award-winning photojournalist, isn't at her uncle's deathbed, so she feels she needs to go to see her inheritance, Abbey Glen distillery in Scotland.  She soon discovers that a woman owner is not going to receive a warm welcome - quite the contrary - death threats and sabotage greet her.  When one of the workers is found dead in a whiskey vat, Abi decides that she isn't giving up ownership until she figures out wheat is really going on.

I thought that this was a great first series offering with complex characters, great setting, and interesting background information all woven together to grab the readers interest immediately.  Sure wish I could truly visit this venue.

My husband's not a reader but I know he would have enjoyed the parts about the whiskey tastings!


I'm back!

After a year of suspending my blog, I've decided to bring it back.

So I will be publishing my reviews for 2018.