Best of 2009

Patriarch:George Washington
John Adams
Rhett Butler's People
Shadow Queen
Mistress of the Art of Death
The Doll People
The Time Traveler's Wife
The Kitchen God's Wife
My Sister's Keeper
Still Life

Audio Book Challenge

Books Listened to on audio - I did not link my reviews to this post. A search for the book title should find the review.

Ben Franklin 1/5/2009
John Adams 1/11/2009
Twelve Sharp 1/12/2009
Lean Mean Thirteen 1/13/2009
Northanger Abbey 1/14/2009
Killer Heat 1/19/2009
A magnificent catastrophe : the tumultuous election of 1800 1/21/2009
Fearless Fourteen 1/25/2009
The Templar Legacy 1/30/2009
A short history of nearly Everything 2/2/2009
Crocodile on the sandbank 2/8/2009
My Man Jeeves 2/9/2009
Notes from a Small Island 2/10/2009
The inimitable Jeeves 2/11/2009
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2/18/2009
Dead Heat 2/25/2009
Still Life 3/1/2009
Comfort Food 3/4/2009
The Bad beginning 3/6/2009
Baltimore Blues 3/10/2009
Charm City 3/19/2009
Lethal Legacy 3/21/2009
Ladies of liberty 3/28/2009
Jane Eyre 3/31/2009
Death at Le Fenice 4/16/2009
Deal Breaker 4/19/2009
Winter Study 4/29/2009
The Time Traveller's Wife 5/16/2009
The Maltese Falcon 5/17/2009
Cream Puff Murder 5/19/2009
Don Quixote 5/23/2009
Possible Side Effects 5/27/2009
The Quilter's Apprentice 5/30/2009
Mistress of the Art of Death 6/10/2009
The Innocence of Father Brown 6/15/2009
The Scarecrow and his Servant 6/19/2009
BUTCHER'S HILL 6/24/2009
On Agate Hill 6/28/2009
The Kitchen God's Wife 7/1/2009
A Mind to Murder 7/8/2009
Unnatural Causes 7/10/2009
My Sister's Keeper 7/16/2009
The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel 7/31/2009
A Tale of Two Cities 8/1/2009
The Serpent's tale 8/3/2009
Black Beauty 8/11/2009
Death Qualified: A Mystery of Chaos 8/18/2009
The Lucky One - 8/28/2009
Andrew Jackson, his life and times 9/21/2009
Doll People 9/22/2009
His Majesty's Dragon 9/26/2009
The Lightning Thief 9/30/2009