The Murder of a Queen Bee by Meera Lester

Henny Penny Farmette Mystery 2/2
November 14 - November 27 
This is a funny cozy series with a retired policewoman as the main character who still gets caught up in police work while trying to keep her little farm running smoothly.
There are nice little tidbits about farm life and beekeeping especially that make this a light-hearted cozy mystery to sit back and enjoy.


The Great Gatsby ★★½ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

November 15 - November 18

I had heard so much hype about how great this book was,  and to be honest I was thoroughly disappointed.
I don't have a good track record with Classic literature and this one wasn't any better IMHO.
The characters were too 2 dimensional ad the story really didn't go anywhere.  I figured out what was going to happen long before the end and the ending was to say the least, anti-climatic.


44 Scotland Street by Alexander McCall Smith

November 6 - November 14

I've tried reading other books by this author and didn't like them.  Thought it was worth a try for a different series as well as it being a book for book club.
No better results - I didn't like the writing style - choppy and seemingly flying around with no direction or plot.  The characters didn't interest me - they were whiny and self-centered.  I gave it 68 pages and 8 days of my reading and finally said no more.


The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie

Tommy and Tuppence 1/5
November 2 - November 6

I am a huge fan of Agatha Christie - both Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot but had never read her Tommy and Tuppence series.

Even though this series is set back in the earlier part of the 20th century, it was still entertaining and the characters were totally what you expect from Dame Agatha Christie.

I am glad that I finally started this classic series and look forward to getting to know these characters as well as Christie's others.


Freezer I'll Shoot by Victoria Hamilton

October 15 - October 31
  Jaymie is trying to get the family cabin repaired in time for a get together but plumbing problems aren't the only issues that keep popping up in her backyard on Heartbreak Island. Her boyfriend's family are in town and are causing disruptions with Jaymie's family but the murder on the island seems to be a bigger issue.   Trying to keep everyone calm while writing her first vintage cookbook newspaper column keeps not just Jaymie but the reader guessing unil the end.   recipes and fun galore.