The Husband's Secret ★★★ by Liane Moriarty

What would you do if you found a letter addressed to you from your spouse with the instructions "to be opened only on the event of my Death"?

Ethically, you need to put it aside but curiosity of what the letter contains can drive a person crazy.  This the premise of the Husband's Secret.

The novel is filled with the concept of guilt - Rachel feels guilty because of Janie's death, Jon Paul feels the weight of culpability for his actions which have driven him for years while others, Felicity and Will don't seem to feel any guilt at all for their behavior.

I read this book for my ladies' book club and our discussion really centered around the first question - would you open the letter?  I found it extremely interesting that those who had been married for a lengthy period of time said no but that the younger and shorter married members said yes.  I guess it's a matter of trust.  Overall, I felt that the book was predictable as to the involvement among the characters.

DATE READ: January 22 - January 31
Type of Book audiobook
SOURCE: Audio Stockpile

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