The Body Under the Bridge ★★★★ by Paul McCusker

Father Gilbert (FG), a former Scotland Yard detective, is sitting in his office when he is summoned by a staff member because a man is planning to jump off the church tower.  Climbing to the top, FG is met by a young man and try as he might cannot prevent the man's actions but before the man does, he throws a medallion at Father Gilbert, slits his throat and jumps.

When Father Gilbert looks over the edge, there is no body and when he questions the staff member, he is met by quizzical eyes and no knowledge of the man.   Believing he has had a spiritual dream, FG cannot explain the medallion.  But FG is quickly summoned to an excavation on land of his parishioner, Lord Haysham, where they workers have found a buried foot under the bridge and the medallion had been on the body when it was found.

The body was apparently murdered which reignites a feud between the Todds and Hayshams.  During the investigation, including the medallion, Father Gilbert has another "dream" of a man hanging which prophetically brings him to the home of Colin Doyle - the man he saw in his dream of the tower suicide.

Murders abound as Father Gilbert delves deeper into what appears to be an ancient cult which is related to the medallion.  Father Gilbert needs all his spiritual strength to fight the evil and discover the murderer.

I was fascinated by this mystery because I couldn't figure out the ending until it actually happened, there were great characters and the plot was so tightly woven.  Definitely looking forward to another Father Gilbert mystery,

Series/ Progress: Father Gilbert Mystery 1/2
DATE READ: February 8 - February 15
Type of Book e-book
SOURCE: NetGalley

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