Read: June 30 - July 3
Format: Nook - eBook 253 pages
Source: Barnes & Noble
Subject: poisining, espionage, recipes
Challenges: 101020, 75 Book, TIOLI
Category: Crafts, Cooking, and Hobbies
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Stars: 3½

Ollie Parras is waken early by a call from the White House, telling her that there is a car waiting outside her apartment building to bring her in and she was instructed not to speak with anyone. Not knowing what was going on as she exited the building in the company of two large Secret Service Agents, Ollie is startled by the news that one of the White House dinner guests of the night before has died.

This was just the start of Ollie's problems - her mother and grandmother were coming to visit and she was supposed to pick them up at the airport but being held for questioning and having forgotten her cell phone, there was no way to contact them and no way of knowing when she would be able to get away to meet them.

Things just seem to get worse when the ent8ire WH kitchen staff is sent home with instructs to stay away until the cause of death is determined and they are cleared. How are they supposed to prepare for the annual Easter Egg Roll without the use of the WH kitchen?

Luckily Tom went and picked up Ollie's but the issues at the WH put a strain on their relationship. Time off is used creatively and Ollie and her family work together to resolve the issues.

It was wonderful to finally meet members of Ollie's family and get to know some of her staff and neighbors better. I really enjoyed this cozy.

This was also my first book read on my new Nook e-reader and it was a very pleasat experience.

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