Book Buy Bonanza

Being the bibliophile that I am, even though I just got my new Nook e-reader last week didn't stop me from picking up several new books when I was at Barnes&Noble on Friday. I was nearby and thought I'd pop n and get a few questions answered about my Nook and ended up walking out with 4 new books.

Delicious and Suspicious

This is the first installment of the Memphis BBQ Mysteries. I'd seen it mentioned on several mystery bogs and been interested in reading so into the cart it went.

The Long Quiche Goodbye

This is the first Cheese Shop Mystery. I have bee reading about this one on the MysteryLoversKitchen blog for several months...I even tried to get an early reviewers copy but no luck so I bought it myself. It looks yummy.

Ten Things I love about You

This is the newest book by Julia Quinn - I just love her romances, so this one made it to the cart as well.

A Summer in Sonoma

This one I have to admit was pure impulse - I liked the cover (it reminded me of our trip to Napa Valley), the title (because it flowed) and the synopsis on the back, so I thought I would try a new author.

Check back sometime to see a review.

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Tina said...

Were these books you got for your nook, or were they paper? If nook, then how does the cover translate for the Summer in Sonoma book?