Another Challenge - What am I thinking?

I was never one to turn down a challenge (especially when I know I can do it) so when I was visiting Pudgy Penguin Perusals, I noticed that she had a challenge that is hosted by Not enough books to read at least 6 cozy mysteries between April 1 and September 30th. I couldn't turn this one down since I already read 5 in April and have at least 20 more on my list. I'm going to start fresh in July so I';m not counting the ones I already read (though they do fit in the time frame). This challenge should help me get out of the history mode and into cozies!

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Kaye said...

Thanks for visiting! Ha, I said exactly the same thing, no more challenges for me. But then Kris started the cozy challenge and it just called to me. I had to join. Have fun reading all those great cozies!! I'm glad you joined us.