Sunday Salon

The Sunday before Labor Day has arrived. Does that mean the summer is over?

That is what is generally believed that Labor Day is the official end of Summer because the kids head back to school and vacations are rare.

I've decided today to reflect on my summer - it really seemed very short his year. Maybe that was because it wasn't as hot as it normally is - in my area it was seldom over 90° and the usual HHH (Hazy, Hot, and Humid) forecasts didn't occur often. I travelled in July, making my first trip to Myrtle Beach, SC where I got to visit with my new grandson, a week in Maine to visit with my sister and her granddaughter, and a few days at Deep Creek Lake.
I read 40 books while I participated in the 2009 Great Summer Read Off and did a little bit of freelance work.

As I look back, I wonder if it was very productive, I'm not sure, but it was fun.


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