ONLY YOU by Deborah Grace Staley

Read: Sept 5-6
Category: ER Book
Pages : 207

This is a light-hearted romance set in the town of Angel Ridge, TN. The legend of the town has it that angels sit on the ridge and watch over the townsfolk and smile on true love.
Dr. Josephine Allen (Josie) grew up in Angel Ridge on the right side of Town. She was a bookworm and when she went off to college she was supported by the MacKay Foundation who also paid for her Masters and PhD education in Library Science and then she returned to her hometown to become the head Librarian.
Cole Craig is the town handyman who comes to Josie's rescue when a pipe breaks in her old home and floods her kitchen. Needless to say, Cole is from the wrong side of the tracks.
The developing relationship between the two is that of a typical small town with its prejudices and innocence fighting each other. Will angels smile on Josie and Cole or will they have to fight their own battles?

I enjoyed this book and will try to keep an eye out for the next one.

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