Read: Sept 23-24
Category: New writer
Pages: 127

I received this ARC book from Academy Chicago Publishers requesting a review. So I dutifully read it. I can honestly say that it is not a book I would have picked up at the bookstore or library because it is not my normal type of reading matter.

The premise of this book is a man writes notes while he's in the men's bathroom. That said, it is not short stories or anecdotes, mainly it is a montage of sentences that are disjointed and jumbled with a miniscule sense of an underlying story. David, (the guy in the bathroom) can't decide if he wants another job, a better job, an easier job, or if he wants a commitment with his girlfriend, if she deserves better, if she wants out.... It goes on an on like this and the only entertaining part was one blurb where I laughed. It was:

"Frederick Baker doesn't really care for his wife. I wonder what it's like to wake up every morning with someone you're not happy to see."

Overall, it was extremely depressing mainly because David was depressed and everything that he thought and wrote were from, what I believe is, that depressed point of view.
If you are overly happy and excited and need something to bring you down or put to sleep, this is your book. Just let me know and I will mail it you tout suite.

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