A Catered Murder

Libby and Bernie are two typical sisters fighting with each other constantly but also loving each tremendously. When Bernie runs home after finding her live in boyfriend with another woman, she is enveloped back into the family fold without a bat of the eye. Libby who takes care of the family bakery/catering business and their invalid father, is at the moment of Bernie's arrival trying to prepare for a large event at which are their friends will be in attendance.The story progresses through the murder at the event and subsequent investigations that the sisters make to try to clear Libby's best friend of the murder charges.The writing is entertaining but as mysteries go, the writer failed to give enough clues to make it possible for the reader to solve the mystery. The murderer was in the first few chapters and then did not appear again until the last 2 chapters. I give it only 2 ½ stars.

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