Death at La Fenice

When a world famous conductor is discovered dead between acts at the La Fenice in Venice, Police Comissario (Chief Inspector) Guido Brunetti is called in to investigate. Discovering that the victim was poisoned by cyanide, Brunetti has several suspects. His interrogations take him throughout the city navigating not only through the canals and picturesque sights of Venice but also the dark side of his victim's past.Guido Brunetti is a well-developed character with considerable aptitude in his profession shown by wry observations and discerning opinions. His family life should be mundane, but appears delightful and fulfilling as well as humorous (while playing Monopoly the Commissario's wife is shown as a compulsive thief).This charming Italian Policeman unemotionally separates the complex tangles entwined in this squalid tale by using his abilities to read body language, long silences along with other psychological tools, and carefully devises an amazing and fulfilling solution.

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