A Clue for the Puzzle Lady

I enjoy puzzles because what is a mystery if not a puzzle to be solved so when I ran across this series I decided it definitely was for me and that I'd start at the beginning. In this first of the series, the Puzzle Lady for the public world is Cora Felton, an elderly, grandmotherly type who is just what the syndicates want when they promote the "Puzzle Lady". But in fact, all the work is done by her niece, Sherry, who is trying to hide out from an abusive husband/ex-husband? and move on with her life. They settle in a small town in Connecticut and this is where our story begins.I chuckled when the mystery started with the discovery of a dead body in the cemetery - how ironic! Not exactly the spot you think of for a murder. When the police chief starts the investigation (there are only 3 on the police force in this small town) by examining the pockets of the victim, he finds a scrap of paper that looks like a crossword puzzle clue. Not being particularly prepared for this type crime, Chief Harper turns to the Puzzle Lady to try to understand what the killer was trying to say with the clue.Ms Felton has some vices which if known, could possibly end the Puzzle lady's syndications. Somehow Aunt Cora can smoke and drink and still manages to help the Chief Harper through the clues/nonclues and leads him to the solution with an amusing edge. This cozy mystery is fun and entertaining and I'm definitely looking forward to more of the series.

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