Send in the Clowns ★★★★ by Julie Mulhern

Challenge Book# 80

Perfect timing for the Halloween season - Ellison goes looking for her wayward daughter and instead a murder finds her.  Because the victim whispers her name before dying, Ellison feels a need to find the murderer.

Why was Brooks Harney killed?  Was it related to his surprise wife Stormy or a drug deal gone bad, or was he in he wrong place at the wrong time?  Ellison has to figure out the reason to solve the murder and keep both her "gentlemen friends" from errors that could prove deadly,

I absolutely adore this series, not only does it take back in time but the characters are funny and full of life.  Can't for the next one!

Series/ Progress: Country Club Murders 4/4
DATE READ: October 4 - October 12
Type of Book e-book
SOURCE: NetGalley

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