In Pursuit of Eliza Cynster ★★★½ by Stephanie Laurens

The mysterious Scottish Laird is at again and has Eliza Cynster abducted from her sister's engagement party at her brother's home.  Realizing that she is in the same predicament that her sister had faced, Eliza, trying to stay calm, endeavors to formulate a plan to seek help.

When the  carriage is slowed by narrowness of the road, Eliza sees a familiar face and cries out even though her words can't be heard.  The other rider continues on and reflects on what the saw and realizes that the frightened woman was Eliza Cynster.  Carefully backtracking, Sir Jeremy Carling devises a plan to rescue and return Eliza to her family, but the captors have other ideas and their pursuit is constant and unrelenting.

I enjoyed the story and the romance evolution, the Cynster always are a great story

Series/ Progress: Cynster Sisters 2/3
DATE READ: October 4 - October 12
Type of Book Audiobook
SOURCE: Public Library

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