Chesapeake rumrunners of the Roaring Twenties ★★½ by Eric Miles

Prohibition was not popular in many areas of the nation when it took affect in the 1920s.  Some government officials refused to even enforce the law and others openly disobeyed.   Moonshine became a growing business all along the Eastern seacoast and the Delmarva peninsula with all its inlets and coves, kept the revenue hunters and Coast Guard on their toes trying to stop the illegal importation of alcohol.

I found this book entertaining for several reasons - the bootleggers seem to be a whole bunch smarter than the government agents (has that changed at all?), many of the areas that were mentioned near and around Baltimore I have actually seen having grown up in the area, and my mother actually grew up in this era and talked of her relatives that were involved in the Prohibition era activities so I really hit home.  The stories aren't those that we normally hear, so it gave some good background information though at times it was a bit too detailed.

DATE READ: April 26 - May 6
Type of Book ARD
SOURCE: Public Library

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