Killer in High Heels ★★★½ by Gemma Halliday

Maddie gets a mysterious phone call from someone claiming to be her father and before the call is disconnected she hears what she thinks is a gunshot.

Determined to finally get some answers from her mother about her runaway father, Maddie confronts her Mom who still will only say that he ran away to Las Vegas with Lola.

So Maddie enlists the help and company of her BF Dana and the receptionist at her stepfather's hair salon, Marco (typical gay man stereotype) and they head off to Las Vegas to find Larry.

What they find had me rolling in my chair laughing and crying from sheer enjoyment.  Okay, it wasn't the great American novel, but it was sheer fun!

Series/ Progress: A High Heels Mystery 2/9
DATE READ: April 23 - April 26
Type of Book e-book

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