The Recipe Box by Sandra Lee

Grace Holm-D'Angelo's world is unravelling - she is having trouble at work, her teenage daughter is in a rebellious mood, and her best friend has died of cancer.  Flying home for the funeral,  Grace is confronted by her mother.  They have been estranged ever since Grace found a startling fact about her mother inside the Recipe box.

Trying to improve her daughter's behavior, Grace leaves her daughter with her mother and heads back to her job in LA  but when she hears that Emma has disappeared she heads back to found her.

The story goes on with a new romance for Grace  and a decision to return to her hometown and try a change in her future.

The story seemed very predictable and the characters very two-dimensional.


GENRE: Fiction
CHARACTERS: Grace, Emma, Ken, Brian, Leeza, Lorraine
Series/ Progress:
DATE READ: July 24 - July 25
Challenges: 75, Category, TIOLI, LILIES

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