Stalked to Death by Sara Robbins

Veronika Mays, international bestselling romance author, is returning to the Aspen Valley Inn for her sister's wedding.  What they don't know is that she's bringing along a stalker with the intent to kill.

When Vernie arrives she realizes that her stalker is with her and is frightened that her sisters may be the next targets.  Fortunately, the groom is a homicide detective and is determined to make sure that he doesn't have to work on his honeymoon.

I love these characters from the Aspen Valley Inn series and am glad that they will have continued life in the Aspen Valley Sisters series.  The characters are fun and the descriptions of the scenery I can just about see in my mind.


GENRE: Cozy Mystery
CHARACTERS: Vernie Mays, Lacey Washburn, Wyatt Graves, Tim Nelson, Jill Sanders
Series/ Progress: Aspen Valley Sisters 1/3
DATE READ: August 26 - August 27
Challenges: 75, Category, TIOLI , AlphaKit

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