1001 Books To Read Before You Die - ME - NO WAY!

I just ran across of the list of the 1001 books to Read before you Die and I thought it would be interesting to see how far along I was.  Boy, was that a mistake.  I was up to #800 something when I finally ticked one off and then I had a mad rush at the end, but still only finished with 22 but that was only because of Dickens, Dumas, Doyle, and Austen - they were the majority of my 22.

So then I thought well, what about the ones that I had marked to be read in my classics of the year (I usually do about 4 a year).  That added another 6.  Then I looked at the authors and realized that Atwood had 6 - they would never get read because I can't stand Atwood's style, Hemingway had 5 - just can't get into his  writing, plus there were hundreds, and I mean hundreds of books that I had never even heard of on this list. If a book that was written a century ago hasn't been on school lists or classics lists, why would it be here?

Well, this list of books is definitely not going to add to  the TBRs in my lifetime.  My bucket list is safe!

Here's the link to the list - http://www.listology.com/ukaunz/list/1001-books-you-must-read-you-die

How well did you do?

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