Organize Your Corpses by Mary Jane Maffini


Genre: Cozy Mystery
Subject: inheritances,
Main Characters: Charlotte Adams, Helen Henley
Series: yes, Charlotte Adams mysteries # 1
Dates Read: August 19 - August 22
Number of pages: 288
Off the Shelf (pre-2012)? Source?: yes, Nook stockpile
Category for 12 in 12 challenge: Class Schedule

Charlotte Adams has returned to her hometown and started a business to help others with their organizational problems. When she gets a call from a former teacher (that everyone in town hates) her friend Sally warns her not to take the job. But Charlotte is brave and heads over to Henley House to meet with Helen Henley about the job. Charlotte accepts her check and plans to meet her to start working on the following day but in the evening she receives a call from HH demanding her to come right away. Charlotte tells her that she will meet her in the morning as arranged and when she arrives she finds HH dead.

Enter Pepper Monahan, Charlotte's former best friend, who is the police detective and who finds great joy in making Charlotte uncomfortable and has her as the chief suspect. Charlotte has t find the killer before Pepper gets sufficient evidence to put her ex-friend under arrest.

The characters in this new series are fun and entertaining, the situations are humorous, and the surprise ending has the reader saying wow! I didn't see that coming. Loads of fun, a definite cozy to read!

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