Question about your reading #1

Club Read at LibraryThing have asked several question about their reading. I never notice the thread before, but when I read some of the question I was wondering what others out here thought. So I will ask some of the questions that I find personally interesting and hope that any visitors will let me know what they think.

Looking over the last 50 or so books you have read, which book presented its action on the smallest stage?
Tell us about it. Why that particular stage?

I looked at the books that I have read in the last 5 months - 56 books and realized that most had a very wide stage but one was extremely narrow. The book - Tuesdays with Morrie. The stage was mostly Morrie's apartment. I had to think about how the "stage" effected the story and recognized that the size of the stage in this book was vital. Morrie's life which had been so vibrant was being ended by a disease that cut into his vitality and caused him to be a shut-in. As his life dwindled down so did the amount of space in the apartment that he would occupy. Definitely, the "stage" was a vital portion of the story.

So what about the books that you've read? Has the "stage" played a major role?

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