Calamity Jayne by K.C. Bacus


Genre: Cozy Mystery
Subject: ineptitude
Setting: Iowa
Main Characters: Tressa Jayne Turner, Rick Townsend, Joe Townsend
Series: yes, #1
Dates Read: June 18 - June 20
Number of pages: 326
Off the Shelf (pre-2012)? Source?: no, Public Library
Category for 12 in 12 challenge: Geography class

Tressa Jayne Turner is accident prone. She also seems to manage to get herself into, shall we say, unusual situations. In this introductory story, Tressa manages to inadvertently "steal" a car without realizing it and then finds a dead body in the trunk when she goes to change a flat tire.

Since she finds the body and then loses it, she has to prove to everyone she knows that she hasn't lost her mind and so sets out to solve the murder that hasn't been recorded yet.
It was a fun story but I have a hard time with somebody being that dumb. Also the cover of the book has this straight haired blonde while through out the book Tressa complains about her unmanageable curly hair.

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