Affairs of Steak by Julia Hyzy

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Setting: Washington, D.C.
Main Characters: Olivia Paras
Series: yes, #5 White House Chef Series
Dates Read: March 22 - March 23
Number of pages: 322 with recipes
Off the Shelf (pre-2012)? Source?: yes, Nook stockpile
Category for 12 in 12 challenge: Class Schedule Home Ec

Olivia Paras, the White House Head Chef, is put into
the position of working with her not-so-favorite
Sensitivity Director Peter Sargeant on a project for the
First Lady and their very first efforts yield 2 dead bodies.
Without any preamble they are directly in the frying
pan of a conspiracy that threatens not only their jobs
but their lives as well.
Ollie, while thinking that she and Sargeant are not
involved in anything more than discovery, realizes that
she is being followed on her trip home and while
alluding her stalker, she rescues an elderly man who
is a bit lost. With her instincts on alert and an Secret
Service escort outside of the White House, Ollie
figures out the threats that are hovering over the
President and his family.

The story ,characters, and writing were all so enjoyable.
The story was tight, presenting clues in multiple ways,
Characters that not only pushed the plot but also
improved our knowledge of other characters, and the
writing was clear and crisp.

Love the series, love the characters! Can't wait for
the next one.

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