Real Murders : Aurora Teagarden Mysteries byCharlaine Harris

July 15 - July 19
Format: Paperback 290 pages
Source: Barnes & Noble
Subject: Copycat killers
Category: Something Old - read those TBRs
Challenges: 11 in 11, 75 Book, TIOLI, BOYS
Stars: ★★★½

Just about everyone has seen on television those shows where they recreate events such as the Jack the Ripper murders trying to decide who was involved and what really happened. The producers take all kinds of sensational murders and try to show the viewers exactly how they believe the events took place. Well, in this book, Aurora Teagarden, the assistant librarian of Laurenceton, Georgia, and a small group take detailed looks at well-known murders. As the book opens, Aurora (ROE) finds one of their members dead but the staging of the body appears exactly the same as a murder that they are about to discuss.

The police are not particularly interested in the theory of someone copying the ancient murder, but when 3 other people are killed with connections/details replicating other renowned murders, the town starts to get a bit antsy and want the killer caught. Through the book Roe is central because she either finds the body, finds the weapon, or arrives at the scene immediately after the event, not forgetting that they all seem to take place in her neighborhood.

I was really taken with this book. The characters, quirky names aside, definitely could be better developed but since this is the first in the series, there is time for the that. What seem to me the most realistic was that Roe is not the most "interesting" person on earth. She doesn't have much of a social life so when two men start showing interest, she doesn't know what to do. This little bit of romance helped to cool the dra.ma of the murders as they were happening. Definitely look for the next.

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Tina said...

Loved this series....I have a couple more in the queue for the summer.