The Paris Vendetta by Steve Berry

Read: May 4 - May 18
Format: Audiobook 11 CDs equivalent 607 pages
Source: Public Library
Subject: Conspiratorial economics, Napoleon's treasure
Challenges: 11 in 11, 75 Book, TIOLI, Audio, SYLL
Category: Honeymoon - foreign settings/thrillers
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Stars: ★★★½

You want a good thriller… pick up any Steve Berry/Cotton Malone book and you'll have one. As usually Steve Berry has taken a small historical fact and woven a tale of international intrigue that will take the reader through the troubles of Napoleon and use them to highlight today's economic issues as well as expand the characters that readers have come to care for.

In this 5th Cotton Malone story, the story surrounds Cotton's best friend, Henrik Thorvaldsen, who is searching for the men that were responsible for his son's death. In tracking them down, Henrik gets involved in a dangerous plot by the Paris Club (a financial cartel) to manipulate the world's economy and make billions. Henrik's vendetta against his son's killers clashes with the vendetta of the head of the Paris club and Malone is caught smack in the middle.

Cotton and Henrik become estranged as they battle the Paris Club members for different reasons but in the end I believe that they were emotionally on the same page.

As with all the Cotton Malone books, it was action-packed and whirled the reader through historical facts on a fictional road. One drawback, there was a new character introduced - Sam Collins. It seemed that Berry was trying to turn Cotton into a mentor so maybe Sam will be appearing in future books, however, it seemed to detract for the concentration on Cotton and his relationship with Henrik.

Overall, a solid addition to the series.

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