The Border Vixen by Bertrice Small

Read: May 10 - May 15
Format: Trade Paperback 416 pages
Source: My own shelves - bought at Barnes & Noble
Subject: arranged marriages, Scottsh border protections
Category: Going steady: Should we keep seeing each other?
Challenges: 11 in 11, 75 Book, TIOLI, BOYS
Stars: ★★★½

Mad Maggie Kerr is the heiress/granddaughter of Dugald Kerr, laird of Brae Aisir and keeper of the Scottish side of the Aisir nam Breug passage. Maggie has sworn that she will only wed a man that she can respect and to gain that respect the man must be able to outrun, outride and outfight her. Many have tried but been humiliated but when Lord Fingal Stewart, cousin of King James V, is sent to Brae Aisir with orders from the king to wed her, matters change.

Realizing that she cannot disobey the king, she signs the marriage documents but says that Fingal must still beat her before he can bed her. The struggle between the two is not just physical as they get to know each other and deal with the trouble times of that historical period.

Another Bertrice Small book to treasure!

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