Crown of Destiny by Bertrice Small

Read: January 28 - February 2
Format: Paperback 376 pages
Source: Barnes & Noble
Subject: World of Hetar, Twilight Lord
Category: Going Steady - continuing series, favorite authors
Genre: Fiction
Challenges: 11 in 11, 75 Book, TIOLI, BOYS
Stars: ★★★½

This is the final book in the World of Hetar series which details the life of Lara, a Fairie woman, who has for over a century attempted to protect Hetar and Terah from the darkness and evil of the Twilight Lord. In this final installment, Lara comes to realize that the Light cannot always be victorious over the Dark and that sometimes, to withdraw for another day's battle is wise.

As a fairie, Lara doesn't appear to age to mortals which is very disturbing for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They cannot remember the battles that she has fought or adventures that she has had. They see only someone who is young and vital but none of the magic which sustains it. When the Twilight Lord Kolgrim (Lara's son by Kol) finds that his destiny is written to marry an Hetarian virgin who will increase his magical powers and allow him to take over the Hetar and Terah worlds, Lara tries to prevent the marriage and when unsuccessful, tries to foil the magical transfer.

As always the vibrant story is entertaining and erotic (to an extent) showing the reader the rich details of the authors imagination while bringing to life a magical world.
Those who have never met Lara and the World of Hetar in the previous books, will feel a bit lost and need to go back to read the previous volumes so that the references will all make sense. Definitely one that needs to be read after the others.

The Series is a keeper.

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