In the Bleak MidWinter by Julia Spenser-Fleming

Read: September 3 - September 5
Format: Audio 11 CDs equivalent 384 pages
Source: Public library
Subject: New York, Female ministry, out of wedlock pregnancy, cold weather
Category: Niagara Falls - Overflows - #7 I Heard That!
Genre: Thriller
Challenges: 101020, 75 Book, Audio, SYLL, Thriller
Stars: 3

Clare Ferguson is the new Episcopal minister in Miller's Kill, NY where she has some problems fitting into the community. Besides being a female, she's also ex-army and a southerner who doesn't understand the difficulties of a hard cold winter. Shortly after her arrival, she discovers an abandoned baby on her doorstep and throws herself into the investigation of first who the parents may be and then who murdered the mother and grandfather.

I had heard a great deal about how good this series was from several friends, so I thought I would give it a try when I had the time. First, I liked the plot and the two main characters. They were well-developed and interacted in a interesting manner. But the other characters and the lack of clues make me wonder what I missed that others saw. I'll have to try another in the series before I can make a definite decision.

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Tina said...

Like many authors, Spencer-Fleming gets better and better as she goes on. don't let this first one discourage you. The characters (and the plots) improve with each book in the series.