Hooked on Murder by Betty Hechtman

Read: August 28 - September 3
Format: paperback 273 Pages
Source: Private library
Subject: crochyeting, public relations
Challenges: 101020, 75 Book, BOSC,
Category: Niagara Falls - Cuddle up with a Cozy Mystery
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Stars: 3

Molly Pink is a widow trying to put her life back together after her husband's unexpected death. She's got a job as an event coordinator for a local bookstore. The bookstore is sponsoring an auction of a hand crocheted afghan when disaster strikes - the leader of the Tarzana Hookers (who are making the afghan) is found dead in her home by Molly. Before she can call for help., the [police arrive and find her with the body. Fortunately, Molly's boyfriend, (a police detective) is able to convince the officer in charge that Molly is not involved. However, Detective Heather Gilmore has the hots for Greenberg so she places Molly at the too of her suspects list.

With a Ellen dead, the Hookers are runny short of crocheters so Molly and her friend Dinah volunteer to help even though they are only beginning crocheters. As they learn more and more about the members of the group, Molly and Dinah work to figure out who killed Ellen.

The book lacked a bit in the character development area and some of the clues were a bit vague, but overall it was an enjoyable cozy mystery. I'm hoping that the next in the series will improve.

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