The Inheritance by Simon Tolkien

Read: August 1 - August 7
Format: Hardback abandoned after 122 pages
Source: LT ER program
Subject: murder, WWII, search for codex, familial dysfunction
Challenges: ABANDONED
Genre: Mystery
Stars: ½

I'm giving up. I waited 5 months for this ER book to arrive and as soon as I finished the books I had been reading at its arrival, I started this book, but I can't go on!

What's wrong with it you say? First the writing is not great - it is extremely disjointed, vague, repetitive. There was a small mystery introduced at the beginning and then no further clues. The characters are one-dimensional, and not one is someone that I would care to ever meet and I definitely cannot develop any empathy for. This is supposed to be a mystery/thriller, well I haven't seen anything thrilling in the 120+ pages that I've read, so I quit!

IMO, this book needs a complete re-write. I actually thought I'd skip to the last few chapters to see what the mystery was all about, even those couldn't grab my interest. The concept may have been good, the execution fell flat. This book is ABANDONED.

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