KNIT IN COMFORT by Isabel Sharpe

Read: June 12 - June 15
Format: Trade Paperback 300 pages
Source: Librarything ER program for review
Subject: marriage, knitting, lace,
Challenges: 101020, 75 Book
Category: Crafts, Cooking, and Hobbies
Genre: Fiction
Stars: 3

Knitting is getting a revival, at least when it comes to the themes for books and in this book it is front and center - but in a much more different way - knitting wise. This book is basically two stories intertwined - one of the new friendships forged by Elizabeth who is searching for comfort in Comfort, NC and the other of Fiona from the Shetland Islands in Scotland who is the great grandmother of Megan (Elizabeth's new friend).

Fiona's story tells of unrequited love of a young girl in Scotland. She is threatened by the existence of Gillian, a beautiful temptress, who steals her love, but after his loss, joins with her rival to learn lace knitting of a special kind. This is the skill that Fiona passes down through her female relations.

Elizabeth has a dream where her grandmother tells her to find 'comfort' so she sets out and ends up in Comfort, NC renting a room from Megan. The story weaves through the lives of Megan's knitting group (the Purls) revealing different issues and how they are handled in diverse and interesting manners.

The lace knitting is the thread that weaves the story together and eventually ties the past and future in a positive manner.

The writing had some difficulties - the beginning was a bit confusing while the reader tried to determine who all the characters were and how they were related, and some of the romantic aspects were a bit trite, but overall, an enjoyable read.

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