Future Hope by David Gelber

Format: Trade paperback 93 pages
Source: PR by the book, for review
Subject: future
Setting: our solar system
Category: Abandoned
Genre: Science Fiction

Okay, I was trying to expand my horizons in the type of books that I read and so when this book was offered to me for review, I thought I'd try it. Unfortunately, after trying several times to get through, I have to admit, I can't handle it. It's just not my type of book.

I've read other reviews which I found that make it seem very interesting but I can't seem to get to that point in the book that I want to go on. Someone else with more futuristic tastes would probably really enjoy this book, it's just not me. Maybe if I every move on to that point in my reading, I'll try it again.

This is not a good way to start my reading in May.

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