Weekend Wonderings

I was over at Random Musings where David is running a poll and it got me thinking.... Why do we buy a book? His options were Cover, Author, Price, Description/Synopsis, Genre/Subject, Recommendation from others, Reading Sample, Peer Reviews, Professional Reviews, and Publisher. You could only chose 3 and I had a hard time. Can you narrow down your reasons to only 3 of these or are there other reasons for you?
For me, I am first drawn by the genre /subject - it gets me to the area of the books that I would most likely enjoy and then I start browsing. The biggest draw at this point is the cover art - I know that sounds stupid but that's what draws me to a book. I won't necessarily buy it for that reason but that's what gets me to look at it in the first place. Then I read the description/synopsis and see if it is a book that would grab my interest. I will then try the first few pages to see if my interest is whetted and then the decision is made. Granted I don't normally buy a book that is over $15 - those I hunt down in the library. So it really takes about 5 options for me to choose a book.
What about you?

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