TRUE COLORS by Kristin Hannah

Read: Jan 27 - Feb 10
Format: Hardback, 393 pages
Source: St Martin's Press for review
Subject: sisterhood
Setting: Washington state
Category: Books found on the Internet/thru LT/at the library/in a bookstore
Challenges: 101020, 75 Book, SYLL
Stars: 2½

This is the story of three sisters - #1- Winona is the responsible one who has tried to take care of the entire family since their mother died, #2 Aurora is the go-between the one who always tries to settle things, and #3 - Vivi Ann is the spoiled one, she's beautiful (like a Barbie doll) and charming and Daddy's favorite.

Luke came back to Oyster Shores and renewed his friendship with Winona who unbeknownst to him and loved him since high school. Luke starts to date Vivi Ann and Winona won't tell Vivi her feelings so she becomes bitter and resentful of the relationship. When Vivi Ann two-times Luke with the ranch hand (Dallas), Winona's jealous reactions force her to blurt the news to Luke and set into motion physical and emotional fights that reverberate through the relationships of family and friends.

As the story evolves and the relationships between the sisters deteriorate, Vivi and her new husband (she married the ranch hand) have to deal without her family support when he is accused and convicted of murder.

The second part of the story surrounds Noah, the son of Vivi and Dallas and the difficulties of growing up with a convicted murderer for a father. Noah's issues and beliefs bring about the changes and help reconstruct the family relationships of the three sisters and bring about the satisfying ending.

I felt the story was a bit predictable and that the characters were very ordinary. The storyline didn't seem to be very surprising and the ending seemed very expected.

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