HAIL TO THE CHEF by Julie Hyzy

Read: Feb 10 - Feb 15
Format: paperback, 328 pages
Source: Public Library
Setting: Washington, DC
Category: Cozy Mystery
Challenges: 101020, 75 Book, SYLL,
Stars: 3½

In this second installment of the White House Chef series, Ollie Parras, the newly promoted Executive Chef of the White House, is startled when she, along with the First Lady and others, is quickly evacuated to the bunker during a bomb scare. While she tries to keep everyone calm by devising tasty meals with MREs, she overhears discussions related to the First Lady's inheritance of interests in a company which revolves around scientific research. Other partners want to sell but the First Lady wants to wait for the future. As they are released from the bunker and return to their duties preparing for the Christmas holidays and decorations, Ollie is the first to come upon the Chief Electrician after he is electrocuted.

Because of the bomb scare, all workers are required to take training to identify warning signs of possible danger. Ollie, her curiosity activated, asks a friend who is a retired electrician how someone as experienced as the CE at the White House, could have been put in the danger that resulted in his death.

As Ollie tries to investigative and continue her preparations for the holidays, she draws herself into dangerous situations before the climax of the story.

Even though the situations are a bit over the top in this mystery, I still enjoyed the adventures that Ollie managed to get caught up in. I definitely will be continuing this series in the future.

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