Read: Feb 13 - Feb 14
Format: paperback, 240 pages
Source: FSB Associates for review
Subject: Lost loves, ghosts, suicide
Category: Romance
Challenges: 101020, 75 Book
Stars: 3

This is not a typical book in that there is no plot, no characters, yet it was very interesting because of all the information that was dispersed to the reader. The author has researched all the little nuances of the references in the new Dan Brown book [The Lost Symbol] so that when I do sit down to read that book later this year, I will definitely keep this one close at hand to explain to me all the covert hints that I would have missed the first time around.

I like the way that the book is laid out - alphabetically identifying the clues that will be seen in The Lost Symbol. Each clue is explained as to how it is used related to the book. I would definitely say that it will be useful when I read the Lost Symbol making that reading more enjoyable by enhancing the experience.

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