STAMPED OUT by Terri Thayer

Read: Sept 30 - Oct 6
Category: Crafts in the background
Pages: 381

April Buchert decides to head back to her roots when she discovers that her husband is a no goo scoundrel. She leaves everything in San Francisco and heads to her hometown of Aldenville, PA to try to put her life back together. Her father, owner of a construction company, offers her a job and a place to live in an old barn that he has restored and modernized. Besides the living space, he uses it for his office and it is just down the road from her mother's house.

The big job that Ed Buchert hires April is to restore a mural for an extremely particular client and April has difficulties since she's never doe this type of work before. Her father, working for the same client nearby, runs into his own difficulties when during demolition, a skull is found. Since her father's company did the original construction, he is a suspect.

April turns to her best friend Deana, and her Stamping Sisters Club to help her find out what happened so long ago and clear her father's name.

The book was enjoyable but not terrific. I had numerous issues -- the characters (some were never completely identified, April's appearance was never really fleshed out, names were not complete), the craft aspect was not very integral to the story other than getting the characters together, some of the characterizations were very trite, and insufficient clues. I doubt that I will read another in this series any time soon.

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