Hidden in Plain View

Tina at Tutu'sTwoCents has a new meme.... Feel free to play along, just post a link to on her blog, so we can all stay in touch. This is a chance to dig a little deeper into our personal libraries to find books that may be languishing on the shelves and bring them out for a better look.  To join in:

1. Pick a random book from your library (I used random.org to pick mine from my LT catalog).

2. Tell us

#of pages
tags, and collections (if LT)
why that book is in your library
whether you've read it or not
if so did you like it and why;
if not, do you plan to read it?
how and when you acquired the book

I have 335 books in LT that I own, so this week Random.org chose book #233. This book has been a favorite of mine for years.

by Jane Aiken Hodge
374 pages
Tags - ROMANCE, ^2004&B4
Collections - READ, OWNED, Favorites
This book is in my library because every now and then I want to be able to pull it off the shelf and re-read it.
I purchased this book many years ago after I had borrowed from the library several times and realized that I wanted it  in my permanent library.

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