Read: Oct 13 - Oct 17
Source: LT ER program - review requested
Category: LT ER
Pages: 317

I really didn't know what to expect when I got this book through LT's ER program so I was pleasant surprised as I read this light-hearted romance and realized that there was another book that preceded this one. (I'll have to find it.) The title kind of threw me off because, though it ends in a romantic manner, I wouldn't really classify it as a typical romance, it was more the journey of two people to find themselves so that they could come together.

Meredith Guidry, the heroine, is in her mid-thirties and has had a "crush" on Major O'Hara (that's his real name) for 8 years while he worked with her. Since he doesn't seem to be interested in her, Meredith makes pledge to herself on New Years Day to make an effort to move on and find someone to share her life with. In the meantime, Major is harboring secrets, including his feelings for Meredith, which complicate matters. The journey that both characters take in this story is amusing, entertaining, and at points enlightening. A fun read.

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Mary said...

When I saw this on the LT early reviewers list I signed up for it. It just sounded like a good book. Glad to hear it was. I'll be watching for it. Nice review! And lucky you for getting it!!