Weekend Wonderings

This week I got to thinking, why is it that I can't be happy with the books that I have on my shelf waiting to be read?  Why am I always looking for another book to read? 
Feel free to play along, just post a link to your blog or comment here and we can all wonder together.

It's not like a book is going to disapear off the face of the earth and I will never get another chance to read it.  Granted, maybe it will be harder to find if it is not a new book but then again maybe it will be easier to acquire at the library or book store if it has some time to sit on the shelves.  And if I really want to read it sometime in the future all I need to do is make myself a note or add it to my wishlist and it won't be completely forgotten in the rush to another book.  So why can't I wait?


tokemise said...

That's so funny, I just said almost the exact same thing to my husband last night. I too feel like I'm in a rush to get more books when I already have some I haven't read. My to read list is over 800 titles long. I don't know why we feel this way. We just do!

Chèli said...

Do you think it has something to do with the locale... we both live in Maryland.