Read: Sept 13-17
Category: New Writer
Pages: 336

I received this book courtesy of Authors on the Web where I requested 4 books and this is the first that I read. The synopsis of the plot caught my attention.

How would you like to be living the good life and without any warning have it all snatched away from you? The idea of this book is that Nora Banks has the good life. She has a Mercedes SUV, big house in the rich neighborhood in the suburbs, country club membership, travels wherever and whenever she wants, a nanny to watch the 3 kids, and a husband who makes big bucks and adores her. What more could a woman want? Nora finds in this book that those things are fleeting when her husband is arrested and convicted of securities fraud, and that security, honesty, and loyalty are more important. The women who had been her companions and professed their friendship abandon and ignore her in her time of need. The only person who is steadfast is Beatriz her nanny. Somehow, Nora finds the strength and fortitude to prevail in a hostile environment and build her own success story.

I was really looking forward to an opportunity to a read a story about a strong woman, who was able to make it on her own despite horrendous circumstances. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. IMO, this story was badly written. It had poor pacing, slow in some parts and too fast in others and way, way too wordy. It's as if the writer was being paid by the word. The premise was good, execution, poor. I gave it 1½ stars.


Tina said...

Too bad...I was looking forward to borrowing this one from you...

Chèli said...

I know, do you want me to remove your request for the loan?