The Edge of Desire by Stephanie Laurens

Read: Aug 6 - 22
Category: Romance
Pages: 648

The Bastion Club is a series of romances revolving around aristocratic men who served in the special services during the Napoleonic wars and have returned to their "normal" lives and are settling down to love and marriage. This is the seventh installment and centers on Christian Allardyce, the 6th Marquess of Dearne and his lost love Lady Letitia Vaux Randall.
Letitia's husband George Randall is murdered and her brother Justin is the prime suspect, so She sends to her former lover for assistance in clearing his name. They haven't been together for 12 years but the sparks are still there and Christian is determined to discover not only the murderer but the reason why Lady Randall married her husband in the first place.
What surprised me about this book is that normally Ms Laurens writes a romance with a bit of intrigue, but this book has a full-blown mystery which she leads you through along with the characters, revealing the clues to you at the same time as the characters receive them. The reader searches at the same pace as Christian and Letitia not just for love and forgiveness but for resolution of the problem that keep them apart.
However, I do feel that Ms Laurens, in this book, seems to be stretching out the love scenes a bit too long. They are as steamy and sensuous as always, but drag in certain places. That doesn't mean that I'm not reading them, I am.
Can’t wait for the last of this series.

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