THE ALCHEMYST: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

Author : Michael Scott
Read : July 30-31
Category : New Writer
Pages : 375

I found this book simply because the title caught my eye and the title character was mentioned in the 1st Harry Potter book. That said, I had no expectations as to what the story was.
Nicholas Flamel was born in 1330 and is living in San Francisco in the 21st century running a book store. No, that's not a typo...along with his wife, Perenelle, Nicholas Flamel has been the guardian for over 700 years of the Codex, a book which has been sought by John Dee (a historical figure who was an advisor on astrological and scientific matters for Elizabeth I) who seeks the Codex for the power and devastation that it can wield.
Needless to say, Dee is the bad guy who conjures zombies, skeletons, creatures made of mud, and undead to try to defeat Flamel, Scathach (a very old warrior creature that looks like a punk rocker) and his saviors (15 year old human twins) who appear in prophesies in the Codex. Dee kidnaps Perenelle and gains the book but is missing 2 vital pages. The ensuing pursuit and battle is entertaining and the ending leaves the reader wanting more.

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